About Us



During the pandemic, I was looking for something exciting to do that would benefit my family and friend’s skin and relieve stress.  Although I have been making hair explosion (formally hair crack) for 10 years, which promotes hair growth, decrease hair loss, and retaining moisture, I wanted to also help family and friends with problem skin. I was inspired by my youngest daughter who suffers with dry patches of skin on her body all year.  

One weekend, my niece and I prepared to make our first batch of cold process soap.  Since then, I’ve found myself experimenting with different oils and asking friends and family what they look for in soap. I have made a variety of soaps with all-natural oils and no artificial ingredients. My soaps are beneficial for eczema, dry, acne-prone, and problematic skin.  I fell in love with soap making and look forward to the results of all batches that I create.

I used to be an avid runner and love every aspect of running.  I injured by knee training for the 2018 NYC Marathon.  Although I finished the marathon, my running days are now walking days.  As a runner (now walker), my skin was very dry, sensitive and did not retain moisture using everyday bars and liquid soap.  Using my products, my skin is no longer dry, it helps with the sensitivity and retains moisture longer.  I just wish I did this along time ago to help my skin as well as my family and friends.

I decided to use the name The Soap Runner to honor a sport I love and treasure. Dedicated to runners from a runner.  If you live an active life, this soap is for you.  Your Skin Will Thank You.