Celebration (scented with cotton candy fragrance oil)

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Red, White and Blue summer soap is filled 3 nourishing oils that will moisturize, condition and help alleviate dry skin.  Benefits of  this soap is the cleansing properties, moisturize pores, soothes irritated skin like eczema, acne and psoriasis, gradually fade scars, conditions and soften the skin. Calendula extract is added  for its rich antioxidants and helps to protect skin.  Kaolin clay also added for its exfoliate factors.  Celebration is  a fun and effective soap for your everyday use. The white section of the soap is filled with soap shavings for extra skin benefits.

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, shea butter and olive, calendula extract, kaolin clay, titanium white, mica, soap shavings and cotton candy fragrance oil.